Baidasan Al-Sa’adi

The time has come again to showcase the talent of Jordanian women with Souq Ne’meh 2018. By allowing a space for local women from impoverished areas to market their homemade products, Souq Ne’meh and the Women Economic Empowerment Project provide an opportunity to empower women by giving them a chance to chase their dream and in turn increase their family household income.

Souq Ne’meh is a one of a kind market, developed to support female entrepreneurs by aiding them in growing the sales of their home-made products. The Souq, held every Saturday in the Zaha Cultural Center of Khalda, enables the local women a venue to advertise and sell their products. Their home-made products range from food, cosmetics, handicrafts, home-accessories, and even clothing. By having their products exhibited in Souq Ne’meh, this allows the women's customer base to spread from their original governorate to that of Amman.

As a part of the project preparation, which is funded by UNDP Jordan and implemented in partnership with Princess Taghrid Institute for Development and Training (PTI), the local business women participated in sales and marketing training to enhance their skills as entrepreneurs in Souq Ne’meh. Here is what a few of the women had to say:

Baidasan Al-Sa’adi:
“I come from Zarqa, where the opportunities are very limited. But after getting involved with Souq Ne’meh, I was able to open my own food business and do things my way.

Now, what I hope to do in the future is open my own shop in my home town and, hopefully one day, open other branches throughout Jordan.”  

Tasneem Al-Tarifi

Tasneem Al-Tarifi:

“I first heard about Souq Nemeh from my relatives outside of Amman. Initially, I wasn’t sure if I could be successful. But after using my own talent for cooking, I have created a business around healthy sweets for those trying to watch their weight. Without the market, I would not have been able to use my talent or help others. Today, thanks be to God, I am able to be entirely independent in my financial life.”


Tahira Al-Omoush

Tahira Al-Omoush:

“I am a designer for women’s fashion, and I hand make all of my products with the help of my sister. After working with UNDP I have been able to become completely independent. Before, I was an employee to others and I was very unhappy – I did not have room for my own ideas. Today, I am my own boss.” 


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