Inclusive Growth &

Sustainable Livelihoods 

Resilient. Self-Reliant. Employable.

The core aim of UNDP’s work under this Pillar is to promote the diversification of sustainable livelihoods that can help reduce vulnerabilities and build resilience to help people recover from current and future shocks and stresses.

UNDP’s work is focused on maintaining or enhancing the Kingdom’s human, natural, physical, political, financial, and social assets’ capabilities, without undermining the natural resource base. The Livelihoods and Job Creation programming aims to strengthen these six assets while paving the way for long-term economic development.

The Pillar also works on Local Economic Development planning, linking with the National Decentralisation Process which is also supported by UNDP Jordan. Efforts include the rehabilitation of key urban areas and local infrastructure towards the formulation of a larger and longer-term ‘Flagship Project’ aimed at reducing urban poverty in key selected areas of the Kingdom. 


primary (% gross)

School enrollment.

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