Achieving the Global Goals creates a world that is more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous

SDG Impact is a UNDP Global flagship initiative launched in 2018 to develop and demonstrate a viable approach to support countries in mobilizing private sector investments to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It aims to provide investors, businesses and others with unified standards, tools, and services required to authenticate their contributions to achieving the SDGs and to identify SDG investment opportunities in emerging economies and developing countries. The “startup-up” initiative is being piloted in 11 countries worldwide, including Jordan.

SDG Impact Jordan aims to build a pipeline of SDG-aligned investment opportunities in Jordan and drive capital flows towards these opportunities as well as a partnership network that works together towards positioning Jordan as a true impact economy.

Achieving the Global Goals creates a world that is more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous, driving long-term financial growth and performance. However, this requires a greater role for the private sector and significant transformation in how economic growth is generated and enterprise activities are undertaken. Research shows that achieving the SDGs by 2030 would lead to an estimated $12 trillion in revenues and the creation of 380 million new jobs globally, and more than $637 billion in revenues and the creation of more than 12 million jobs in the Middle East, but these opportunities remain largely untapped.

To build an impact economy for Jordan and capture the SDG opportunity, SDG Impact Jordan has four pillars of work:

Impact Awareness

To raise awareness about the private sector role in achieving the SDGs and the business case for them, increasing the number of businesses adopting inclusive and responsible business models.

Impact Management

To build investor trust and drive greater capital flows towards socially and environmentally responsible companies through capacity building and providing a clear framework for Jordanian investors and enterprises to manage and measure their impact.

Impact Intelligence

To provide quantitative and qualitative data for investors and government to enable data-driven decision making and highlight SDG-aligned investment opportunities while starting a public-private dialogue to support improvements in the ecosystem for impact investment in Jordan.

Impact Facilitation

To unleash financing and move the needle on impact investing through facilitating connections between investors and scalable, sustainable and inclusive businesses that create positive social and environmental impact.

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