Support to Prevention of Violent Extremism and Social Stabilization in Jordan

The Secretary General’s Plan of Action to Prevent Violent Extremism, adopted by consensus on 12 February 2016, calls for a comprehensive approach encompassing not only essential security-based counter-terrorism measures, but also systematic preventive measures to address the drivers of violent extremism. Bordered by Syria, Iraq, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Palestine, Jordan’s geopolitical location makes it extremely fragile to spillovers of regional conflicts and violent extremism on the rise in the region. This is also coupled with animpact by the influx of Syrian refugees since 2012. Moving forward with the Action Plan and further calling for development of the national strategy on PVE, is the manifestation of urgency of the current status of the world, in particular in the Middle East. Socio-economic opportunities are identified by existing studies as one of key vehicle to address PVE, and such opportunities will be important social cohesion in the host communities targeting both Syrian refugees and Jordanians. At the same time, it is time critical to support the Government of Jordan’s commitment to provide self-reliant measures to Syrian refugees under its Jordan Compact to strengthen the resilience in the country.

The latest development that Jordan sees in 2016 on countering terrorism and prevention of violent extremism, as well as support the implementation of the Jordan Compact, calls for urgent support of the international community to enhance resilience social stabilization at the community and individual level. The Government of Jordan’s current initiatives on countering terrorism should be supported through the implementation of the Action Plan on Prevention of Violent Extremism with preventive measures and strengthen social stability by addressing the drivers of violent extremism. At the same time, immediate support to the implementation of the Jordan Compact is time critical for strengthening self-reliance of Syrian refugees and linking humanitarian aid toward development path.

Main Outputs

Output 1: Support to the Government of Jordan on the Counter-terrorism and public safety measures

Output 2: Support for social stabilization through empowering youth and women, and skill development and employment facilitation

Output 3: Support to the Government of Jordan’s timely implementation of the Jordan Compact with capacity development



Start Date

March 2017

End Date

March 2018



Focus Area

Social cohesion


Government of Japan

Responsible Partner 





Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labour, National Aid fund, Local authorities, municipalities, Non-governmental organizations/ community based organizations, Academia.






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