Restoration of Sustainable Livelihoods Creation and Natural Resource Management in Badia Communities

The project's objective is to enhance livelihoods of livestock herders in the three Badia regions through value chain development on dairy products.

Main Outputs

1. Capacity development plans for the targeted rangelands local cooperatives are developed for optimized support.

2. Capacity of the targeted rangelands local cooperatives is enhanced to produce and market high-quality dairy products


  1. The project developed a capacity development plan for 10 targeted rangelands local cooperatives aiming at defining the constraints hinder their dairy production enterprizes and the required actions to upgrade and sustain their businesses.
  2. The project carried out a value-chain analysis for dairy production processes in the three Jordan Badia and has developed a practical business plans for the targeted RLCs in the three Badia Regions
  3. The project tailored and implementaed in-class and hands-on training targeting representatives of the 22 targeted RLCs on different areas of business planning and management.
  4. The project provided basic equipments and machines for 6 targeted RLCs to upgrade their dairy production processes.
  5. The project supported 6 targeted RLCs to renovate their dairy production workshops to meet the acting national standsrds of the Jordan Drugs and Food Adminstartion (JDFA)



Start Date

November 2016

End Date

November 2018

Focus Area

Socio-economic and capacity development 


Badia Restoration Program / Minstry of Environment

Implementing Partner 

Jordan Cooperation Corporation (JCC)

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