Mediterranean Forum For Applied Ecosystem-Based Management (MED4EBM)

Mediterranean Forum For Applied Ecosystem-Based Management (MED4EBM)

The actual mainstreaming of Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) in Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) is still limited mainly because the practical application of EBM is a challenging task for ICZM actors. The MED4EBM project will tackle this issue by assisting ICZM actors in four coastal areas of Jordan, Italy, Lebanon and Tunisia to jointly develop and apply a common methodology to make ecosystem-based ICZM much easier to design and implement by applying innovative techniques and methods. A software tool will help institutional actors to better handle the complex multi-stakeholders analytical processes that characterize EBM applications and assess the relationships between ecosystem components, functions and services, as well as the associated human activities. Moreover, the project will provide government officials and managers with the necessary tools, skills and competences to develop and implement ecosystem approaches to the management of activities in the marine and coastal environments.

Expected achievements:

  • 4 integrated sets of Ecosystem-Based ICZM measures developed 
  • 4 Ecosystem-Based ICZM governance protocols and Decision Support Systems established 
  • 4 training packages delivered to managers and officers of relevant institutions
  • 4 mentorship programmes for government officials and managers of institutions involved in the use of the ICZM tools developed 
  • 1 permanent Mediterranean forum on EBM and ICZM tools and method

Visit the MED4EBM website, and social media platfroms on Facebook, Twitter, Intsagram 

Key Infromation 

Acronym MED4EBM  
Full titel  Mediterranean Forum For Applied Ecosystem-Based Management  
Thematic objective Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation  
Priority Integrated coastal zone management  
Donor  ENI CBC MED programme  
Start Date  October 2019  
End Date  October 2022  


The Mediterranean Forum For Applied Ecosystem-Based Management (MED4EBM)

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