Fostering small scale food processing industries in Tafieleh and Ajloun

This project aims at Contributing to the implementation of the local economic development plans for the Governorates of Ajloun and Tafileh, more particularly to support the development of local small-scale food processing industries.

Main Outputs 

  • Contribute to the reduction of regional disparities (north/south towards centre regions);
  • Enhanced local small-scale food processing related sustainable livelihoods
  • Self-employment supported;
  • Increased opportunities for internships in private companies and or other institutions for youth (women and men);
  •  A One Stop Shop created for career services to assist young women and men in securing decent jobs and self-employment established in Tafileh.
  • Innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives are strengthened within local communities;
  • Vocational training designed and supported according to the needs of each governorate.


  • The Project Management Unit has been established and it is composed of the project manager, the project assistant as well as two field officiers; one in Ajloun and another in Tafileh;
  • A stakeholders analysis was elaborated and endorsed by our implementing partner (MoI);
  • Information sessions for 4 days were designed and carried out in the Ajloun and Tafileh (2 days per each governorate) in order to provide potential applicants with sufficient orientation to best meet the UNDP criteria in terms of writing proposals;
  • A call for proposal was published in local newspapers;
  • Applications from both Ajloun and Tafileh were received;
  • A primary evaluation of the applications has been carried out to exlude those that do not meet our criteria;
  • The second phase of technical evaluation is in process.



Start Date

September 2014

End Date

September 2016

Focus Area

Food and Economic Development 



Implementing Partner 

Ministry of Interior 

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