Enhancing the Resilience of Host Communities in Jordan by Promoting Sustainable Water Solutions

The main objective of this project is to strengthen the service delivery around water management in the northern Governorates of Jordan through supporting public buildings with infrastructure, equipment, and awareness.

Main Outputs

  1. The project was able to improve the water availability in public buildings through unconventional water interventions in five Governorates. The main outputs are:
  2. Public buildings are equipped with Rain water harvesting systems for extra water storage capacity
  3. Public buildings are equipped with Greywater systems for water reuse
  4. One public building is equipped with a small waste water treatment system
  5. Developed two manuals for rainwater harvesting and greywater systems for public use
  6. Awareness sessions conducted for 38 populations (schools, colleges, CBOs, etc.) in Mafraq, Irbid, Zarqa, Jerash, and Ajloun


The project was aimed at enhancing the water services in the five northern Governporates of Jordan where the greatest impact of refugee crisis exists. The project did not only provide direct water suplly solutions (rainwater harvesting and greywater reuse), but also provided the target communities with the tools to conserve, collect, and reuse water. The following are key achievements of the project:

  • Building partnerships with local community members and active CBO’s in the five target governorates. UNDP was able to reach out to communities with limited access to government support.

  • Site assessments of public buildings in the five target governorates to determine the water demand and availability along with the demographics of the building users

  • Providing the selected public buildings with infrastructure for water collection and reuse (Greywater systems, and rainwater harvesting cisterns)

  • Performing rehabilitation works for existing infrastructure (tanks, pipe connections, and water faucets) to improve service delivery

  • Performing rehabilitation activities of school gardens and public parks to improve the green cover in those buildings (replacing top soil, planting trees, supply drip irrigarion systems)

  • Introducing new water reuse technologies including small scale waste water treatment unit (up to 6m3/day) and the Drawer Compacted Sand Filter for greywater treatment.

  • Building the capacity of local community members on water rationing, rainwater harvesting, and water reuse through public awareness sessions, brochures, and technical presentations

  • Introducing two manuals for greywater reuse and rainwater harvesting in print to be used by academic institutions, civil society organizations, and the public.

  • Establishing the basis for unconventional water interventions in Jordan with a high potential for upscaling






Start Date

February 2017

End Date

February 2018

Focus Area

Environment, Climate Change and DRR


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