Strengthening human resources, legal frameworks, and institutional capacities to implement the Nagoya protocol

This project works on strengthening the legal, policy, and institutional capacity to develop national ABS frameworks, building trust between users and providers of genetic resources to facilitate the identification of bio-discovery efforts and strengthening the capacity of local communities to contribute to the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol.

Main Outputs


  1. National ABS legal/political frameworks developed and/or strengthened with the participation of all stakeholders including local communities.
  2. Existing and emerging initiatives and opportunities for bio discovery projects identified and strengthened with improved research capabilities to add value to their own genetic resources and TK associated with genetic resources 
  3. Capacities of local communities to negotiate ABS agreements improved.
  4. ABS bio-cultural community protocols and TK registers adopted by local communities.


  1. Project inception workshop was conducted on July 2017.
  2. Gap analysis and assessment is ongoing






Start Date

June 2016

End Date

May 2019

Focus Area

Environment, Climate Change and DRR



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