Decentralization and Local Development Support Programme


The Decentralization and Local Development Support Programme (DLDSP) is funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme. DLDSP, working closely with the Ministry of Interior (MoI), provides support to the Government of Jordan to effectively manage and guide the implementation of decentralization reform through the application of the Decentralization and Municipalities laws of 2015.

Under result 3 of the programme “Participatory development plans have been properly elaborated in Governorates through strengthened dialogue with Non-State Actors and increased citizen’s participation (including identification of local productive projects to be established)”, DLDSP, in partnership with King Hussein Foundation, is carrying out a project aimed at promoting citizens participation and inclusive local development.



Overall objective of the project is to increase citizens’ participation in local development decision making. The project will encourage experimentation of new forms of community organisations and local authorities in municipalities and governorates in order to create enabling environment for the improvement of services. This will be achieved through actions decided and implemented by local authorities in consultation with local communities. To that end, the project will promote the creation of CBOs’ capacities to lobby and negotiate at communities’ level; promote tools to enhance transparency and local accountability, and thus the positive engagement with local authorities.

Project is implemented by the King Hussein Foundation; total budget is 240.000 USD.



-       Role of the community-based organisations (CBOs) in Aqaba, Balqa an Irbid Governorates in local development decision making process is enhanced

-       Local CBOs’ institutional capacity and governance is strengthened

-       Partnership between local authorities and CBOs is facilitated

-       Interaction among local administration united on a governorate and municipality units and civil society organisations is increased

-       CBOs’ capacities in implementing mission-based initiatives is supported

-       Public service delivery on a local level is improved


-       15 capacity building workshops for 15 CBOs (18 training days)

-       30 CBOs’ institutional policies and instructions

-       Nine grants (up to 10 000 USD each) for CBOs designed initiatives assigned

-       45 part-time job opportunities created for youth and women to work at the CBOs activities



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