Knowledge, Attitudes and Perceptions (KAP)

Knowledge, Attitudes and Perceptions (KAP)

Jan 19, 2022

The “Knowledge, Attitudes and Perceptions (KAP) Community Survey” towards Women’s Participation in Public Life is part of the “Enhancing Women’s Participation in the Solid Waste Management Sector in Jordan” project, funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and in partnership with Ministry of Local Administration (MoLA). 

The KAP was conducted to provide a detailed and comprehensive understanding and overview on the current Knowledge, Attitudes and Perceptions (KAP) towards women’s participation, representation, leadership and their role in decision-making in both public and private spheres, particularly in the Solid Waste Management (SMW) sector. The report was carried in four targeted municipalities located in Northern Jordan, Irbid governorate; namely Dair Abi Said, Tabaqet Fahel, Mo’ath Bin Jabal and Sharhabeel Bin Hassnah. The KAP Survey attempts to identify and investigate public attitudes and perceptions towards women’s participation in decision-making; barriers against enhancing women’s economic participation; opportunities and recommendations to mitigate the identified barriers and prevailing social norms and expectations; the role of local Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in raising community awareness on women’s rights such as encouraging female engagement in public spheres and combating violence against women. 

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