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UNDP Frontlines Arabic

Mar 11, 2020

Global Frontlines Report captures the role of youth in PVE programming. This report, originally produced under the umbrella of the UNDP Youth Global Programme for Sustainable Development and Peace (Youth-GPS 2016–2020), in collaboration with the UNDP Oslo Governance Centre, encapsulates data and knowledge from experts and practitioners around the world, and gives insight into best practices and key lessons related to youth and PVE programming. It also provides a broad range of illustrative examples and highlights all major shortcomings. Today, the report stands as an invaluable tool for national and local governments, the United Nations, development partners, academic institutions, civil society, and youth organizations, movements and networks.

This report is a product of a research initiative that was made possible with generous support by the Government of Norway and translated into Arabic with the support of the Government of Japan and UNDP Jordan Country Office. 



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