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Mafraq Manure Treatment Factory Tackles Animal Waste Issue

What is most important is that women are enabled to take control of their lives. When they work and earn the money themselves to bring home, they become empowered  

UNDP Kicks off Mateen Regional Workshops with Jordan’s CBOs to Promote Social Cohesion

The targeted CBOs were given facilitations and dialogue managements skills to develop their professional capacities and promote social cohesion through dialogue and discussion.  

Souq Ne'meh Continues to Empower and Support Women Entrepreneurs to Grow

Created to support rural women from remote areas by providing opportunities for them to market their traditional and manual local products and expand their customers’ base  

UN Jordan, Partners Explore Ways to Lure Private Capital Into SDGs-Related Investments

UN Jordan brought business leaders together to “create market opportunities for a sustainable world” at the 17 Jordan forum, exploring ways to mobilise private capital towards the achievement of all…  

UNDP Jordan and Unilever Partner to Alleviate Poverty, Sustain Decent Work and Economic Growth

UNDP Jordan announced a new partnership with Unilever to implement the ‘Baqala Program’ and create long-term employment opportunities for both Jordanians and Syrians through skills development and on…  

Small Grant…Unmatched Zeal

37 years old Laith Smadi was an employee at a small desserts shop in a small town in Ajloun governorate. Through the project “Promoting Local Economic Development in Jordan” (PLEDJ) in Ajloun which is…  

A Dream Comes True

Mariam Al-Fares, 27 years, an inspiring young woman who overcame poverty and social obstacles to become one of the known entrepreneurs in Ajloun, one of the successful small businesses of “Promoting…  

Support to Prevention of Violent Extremism and Social Stabilization in Jordan

The latest development that Jordan sees in 2016 on countering terrorism and prevention of violent extremism, as well as support the implementation of the Jordan Compact, calls for urgent support of…  

Fostering small scale food processing industries in Tafieleh and Ajloun

This project aims at contributing to the implementation of the local economic development plans for the Governorates of Ajloun and Tafileh, more particularly to support the development of local…  

Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation in tourism sector development in Jordan

The project inception phase is concludedProject coordination unit and field stations are set up. The initiation of the legal framework for the tourism sector review is underway. The initiation of the…  

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