The solid waste management (SWM) aims to create sustainable livelihoods for local communities, a venture carried out by the UNDP.
Thirty Jordanian and Syrian ladies in the southern governorate of Karak have successfully completed a training programme to become entrepreneurs in the retail as part the ambitious programme “Asilah”
Natural disasters continue to increase worldwide, delivering unprecedented devastation to communities, economies and habitat. Globally, their frequency has doubled since the 1980s; in this region they have nearly tripled. Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) is a nation specific, long-term process and an integral part of country development.
For years, communities in Jordan and around the world have watched helplessly as their youth are drawn into violence. Once ensnared, the loss of these young people represents an abandonment of potential and a major obstacle to robust and healthy community development. Redirecting youth toward positive engagement that benefits the individual and the community becomes paramount.
Amman, the cosmopolitan capital of the Kingdom of Jordan, is home to the UNDP’s Capacity Building and Employment in Digital Sector for Women programme, an integral part of UNDP’s Women Economic Empowerment Project. Created in 2016 and in partnership with ReBootKamp (RBK), its curriculum offers a four-month intensive training program in software engineering for up to 30 women from a variety of backgrounds.
In an effort to support vulnerable Jordanians and Syrian refugees, whilst invigorating the Irbid, Zarqa and Amman governorates in the Kingdom of Jordan, UNDP’s Baqala programme, in partnership with Unilever, develops sustainable livelihoods through skill-building, internships and employment. Featuring on-the-job training at convenience stores, (‘baqalas’ in Arabic), 90 people thus far have learned the basics of running a retail business, from inventory control to management and marketing. These skills dramatically improve their prospects at long-term entrepreneurship and employment. The following illustrate a sampling of the programme’s successes.

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