As the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 has become a pandemic, threatening to overwhelm health services and harm vulnerable economies. UNDP Jordan is working with its partners to combat the spread of the disease and to support Jordan’s health systems
It is a cold winter day, nevertheless, European tourists are seen hopping onto a pickup car to go into what promises to be an unforgettable experience: A safari into the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve. The goal: See the rich wildlife that is home to one of Jordan’s most wildlife precious treasures, the Arabian oryx.
Our mission is to express our overarching goals through simpler and more digestible ways for the general public to understand.
This is how UNDP created Al Awassi cheese to help 11 community-based organizations in Jordan’s badia make the best out of the natural abundance of fresh milk
The brightest minds in Jordan joined together on Thursday as part of a hackathon to find innovative solutions to the Kingdom’s energy challenges.
The United Nations Development Programme announced on Wednesday the winners of the first phase of its initiative Heart of Amman that supports projects with a focus on developing Downtown Amman. Twenty-nine startups were chosen from hundreds of startups who applied to the initiative and went through its bootcamp.

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