BAQALAS: Families, Food & Futures Created

In an effort to support vulnerable Jordanians and Syrian refugees, whilst invigorating the Irbid, Zarqa and Amman governorates in the Kingdom of Jordan, UNDP’s Baqala programme, in partnership with…  

Jordan's New Female Software Engineers

Amman, the cosmopolitan capital of the Kingdom of Jordan, is home to the UNDP’s Capacity Building and Employment in Digital Sector for Women programme, an integral part of UNDP’s Women Economic…  

Sustaining Peace at the Local Level

MATEEN is the Kingdom of Jordan's first and largest non-profit network focused on strengthening and building civil society. Created in 2016 as part of UNDP's Community Cohesion Grant Mechanism…  

“We have found our entrepreneurial spirit.”

Aimed at enhancing livelihoods, improving job opportunities and strengthening social cohesion in Irbid, UNDP’s Skills Exchange project engaged 89 young Jordanian men and women trainees, and 48 Syrian…  

Dar Nemeh’s humble beginning

Women-led Dar Nemeh project aids poverty in Ajloun area  

Soaring Birds & Waste Management: Al Ekaider Landfill is a Birder’s Heaven

The white storks, and other kinds of soaring birds, use Al Ekaider landfill as a migration stop because it is rich with resources  

Mafraq Manure Treatment Factory Tackles Animal Waste Issue

What is most important is that women are enabled to take control of their lives. When they work and earn the money themselves to bring home, they become empowered  

Women-led Dar Nemeh Project Fights Poverty in Ajloun Area

Prior to the project, Kufranjeh was a sleepy farm area of Ajloun, not well-known to most Jordanians. Today, Dar Nemeh has put Kufranjeh on the map for its beautiful scenery, food, and women…  

UNDP Jordan’s Souq Nemeh Showcases the Talent of Jordanian Women

UNDP Jordan's Souq Ne’meh and the Women Economic Empowerment Project provide an opportunity to empower women by giving them a chance to chase their dream and in turn increase their family household…  

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