UNDP Jordan Launches a new E- Waste Management project

25 Mar 2014



H.E. Dr. Taher Shakhshir, Minister of Environment

Dear respected journalists and media representatives,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Media plays an important role in raising public awareness about issues relating to development, in particular with regard to the conservation of the environment.  Media delivers the message of development to the citizens in form and substance. Moreover, it contributes significantly to the dissemination of the culture of awareness of the importance of preserving and conserving the sustainable environment.

From this point of view and in line with UNDP vision of the importance to communicate  with people wherever they are  in order to be heard by the policy makers and those in charge of development, this meeting is convened. We are looking for your contribution to the success of our efforts and deliver what we are doing to the public as UNDP recognizes the important role the media plays being a trusted development partner.

The United Nations Development Programme supports a number of development projects in the Kingdom , to achieve human development in various sectors , including socioeconomic,  good governance , disaster reduction and the environment , through implementing projects aiming to eradicate poverty and unemployment , strengthening the role of the citizens, in addition to achieve sustainable development , where we can’t separate the development concerns and deal with them in isolation from each other , we look at development as an integrated process .

The environmentally sound management of used and end-of life computing equipment initiative is one of these projects we are implementing in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, which comes within the framework of the implementation of the Basel Convention to control the transfer of hazardous waste across borders (Partnership Initiative for the disposal of electronic waste). The Basel Convention aims to reduce the amount and toxicity of the generated waste, to ensure proper environmental management, and to help the developing countries in the proper management of hazardous wastes, and other generated wastes. In this sense, UNDP supports the Ministry of Environment in the implementation of this project to help Jordan to meet its obligations to the Convention and other signed environmental conventions.

The e-waste project focuses on developing policies and legislation governing the collection, processing and destruction of electronic waste, especially in light of the increasing prevalence of electronic equipment in the Jordanian society in general. The project also focuses on building the technical capacities of the staff working within hazardous waste landfills , in addition to the creating and activation of the system of incentives, awareness and education.

Your Excellency, Ladies and Gentlemen,

The issue of waste management in general, and electronic ones in particular, provides a ground for partnership with the private sector, hence UNDP declared to support the Ministry of Environment to complete the work on the project and draft a complementary project to develop an effective business model partnership with the private sector in this field, relying on the broad expertise of the United Nations Development Programme in many countries around the world.

In the end, I express my thanks to Your Excellency for your continuous support to all development efforts related to the environment sector , and I also thank the project team at the Ministry of Environment on the great efforts they are making to implement the project effectively and efficiently.

Our thanks go to all the participants with us today, hoping this meeting is a beginning of a real partnership with the media to raise awareness about the topics of sustainable development.

Peace, God's mercy and blessings be upon you all