UNDP & MOE Kick-Launches Activities of Nagoya Protocol Implementation Project

Jul 24, 2017

Amman- The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Ministry of Environment (MoEnv) conducted an inception workshop to launch the implementation of the new project "STRENGTHENING HUMAN RESOURCES, LEGAL FRAMEWORKS AND INSTITUTIONAL CAPACITIES TO IMPLEMENT THE NAGOYA PROTOCOL” yesterday, with the support of the Global Environment Fund (GEF). The project aims at helping Jordan in developing and enhancing its legal and national frameworks to implement the Nagoya protocol. The project is concurrently implemented by UNDP in 24 countries to help in meeting the national obligations towards the Nagoya Protocol and the UN Convention on Biodiversity (UNCBD).

In is presentation, Dr. Claudio Chiarolla, the Regional Specialist of the Global Project  explained the global adopted definition of the Access to genetic resources and benefit-sharing (ABS). According to Chiarolla, ABS refers to the way in which genetic resources may be accessed, and how users and providers reach agreement on the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits that might result from their use. Dr. Chiarolla also presented Obligations, Challenges and Opportunities for National Implementation.

Academics, researchers, representatives from NGOs and private sector as well as  staff from the concerned ministries including MOEnv attended the workshop and discussed the project workplan and validated its activities.

According to the Head of the Nature Conservation Directorate at MOEnv, engineer Raed Bani Hani, “Jordan was one of the first countries to sign and ratify both the  UNCBD and the Nagoya protocol.

The strong cooperation between UNDP and MOEnv was highlighted by the Environment Programme Manager at UNDP, Dr. Nedal Al-Ouran, who stressed on the fact that “the partnership lasts for more than 15 years in several areas, and the Nagoya Protocol project is a new addition to it.” He also explained that the methodology for implementing the project relies on the solid partnership between all the relevant institutions. The project activities will include a number of important activities such as enhancing scientific research about genetic resources and documentation of traditional knowledge in the same field, in addition to developing the relevant capacity of the concerned institutions and conducting awareness and educational activities to all stakeholders on the scope, objectives  and benefits of the project.

It is worth mentioning that “Nagoya Protocol for Access and Sharing Benefits” is an international agreement based on the biodiversity agreement, especially one of its three goals which is fair sharing of facilities emerging from the use of genetic resources. The Nagoya Protocol is considered a historical agreement in international governance of biodiversity and important to commercial and non-commercial sectors using and dealing with genetic resources.

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