UNDP and MADRASATI Cooperate to Ensure Safe and Supportive Learning Environments for Students in Zarqa Governorate

Mar 19, 2017

Within the framework of the signed agreement of cooperation between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Madrasati Initiative "my school" five student clubs under the name of Masahati "my space" were established and equipped and currently operating at five public schools in Zarqa Governorate in order to promote Physically, Socially, and Emotionally Safe and Supportive Learning Environments for female and male youth.  The clubs will provide a safe and interactive platform for youth to meet, learn and grow and also to create dialogue, encourage tolerance and promote a peace making and social cohesion discourse. 


Through providing stimulating and joyful enriching activities at the schools, the project aims to keep the youth out of the streets, and away from distorted beliefs and bad influencers.  Therefore the intervention will eventually build young people’s resilience to radicalization and violent extremism through school-based programs that enhance the protective factors such as a sense of safety, confidence and belonging, those that contribute to the prevention of radicalization and violent extremism in Jordanian society.  These enriching activities are applied with the participation of civil society organizations and volunteers from the target area as well as talented and skilled teachers in the following schools: Hani bin Masood Elementary School for Boys, Al Rasheed Basic School for boys, Khwarizmi Elementary school for Boys School, Tamader Secondary School for Girls, Um Kulthum Secondary School for Girls.


It is worth mentioning that the nearly 500 students and 35 teachers participated in the joyful activities of launching Masahati in the five schools. Activities provided at the clubs include: sports, music, and science, art, dealing with diversity, human rights, drama and photography.  Masahati clubs continue operation for 10 consecutive weeks every semester; 8 hours a week. The total number of students to directly and indirectly benefit from the project is 6,430.

The agreement aims at launching a joint partnership to contribute to preventing violent extremism (PVE) which is an affront to the purposes and principles of the United Nations and to enhance community stability within the current prolonged and unresolved conflict in the area.  The UNDP support comes through the "Mitigating the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on Jordanian vulnerable host communities" project, which has been implemented by the United Nations Development Programme since 2013.  It entails several components designed to support local communities and institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations in the areas that are mostly affected by the influx of refugees in order to strengthen national efforts to contain the threat of violent extremism, particularly among young people, vulnerable groups and marginalized in society, in order to perpetuate the societal stability in Jordan.

Madrasati Initiative “My School” was launched by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah in April of 2008 to tackle the urgent need of both the educational and physical situation in 500 of the neediest public schools in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; with an overall goal of creating safe and dynamic learning environments that significantly contribute towards improving the quality of education in the selected schools. 


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