Agreement Signature for “Restoration of Sustainable Livelihoods Creation and Natural Resource Management in Badia Communities”

Nov 27, 2016

The Minister & The CD signing the agreement

The Minister of Environment H.E. Dr. Yaseen Khayyat and the Country Director of the United Nations Development Programme in Jordan Dr. Zena Ali-Ahmad signed today an agreement of cooperation for the implementation of "Restoration of Sustainable Livelihoods Creation and Natural Resource Management in Badia Communities" project. This project aims to improve livelihoods of livestock herders in the Jordanian Badia through sustainable development of production and marketing of dairy products in the Jordanian Badia. This will be achieved in collaboration with the local cooperatives for livestock breeders and as a part of the government's continuing efforts to increase the standard of living of local communities in the Jordanian Badia and the best use of animal products level.

H.E. Dr. Khayyat pointed out that this project lies within the Badia Restoration Program/ Environmental Compensation Unit’s projects. Within this project, a thorough analysis of the value chain for dairy products in the desert will be conducted in order identify better ways and procedures to improve and raise their value through raising the technical and management capacity of the selected cooperative corporations in the area of dairy products manufacturing. In addition, the project will also provide technical assistance and needed supplies and will also provide branding support according to the highest standards.

H.E. Dr. Khayyat also stressed on the importance of this agreement within the environmental compensation unit program, which lies within the context of the cooperation between the Ministry of Environment and the international organizations working in Jordan. He also pointed out that the project is being implemented within the framework of the Community Action Plan (CAP) funded by the United Nation Compensation Committee (UNCC) as a result of the Gulf war in 1990/1991 for the rehabilitation of terrestrial ecosystems in the Jordanian Badia through the rehabilitation of rangelands, water resources and wildlife in the Jordanian Badia with the participation of local communities to reach sustainable development.

Dr. Zena Ali-Ahmad the Country Director of United Nations Development Programme in Jordan has indicated that the agreement signed today with the Ministry of Environment for the implementation of the project is in line with the UNDP’s direction in contributing to implement projects serving the Badia communities especially those where environmental, economic and social intersections are available. Dr. Zena also pointed that this project also complements many of the activities initiated by UNDP in response to the effects of the refugees’ influx on a number of host communities in number of governorates of the Kingdom including the Badia region.

She also commended the strategic partnership between the United Nations Development Programme and the Ministry of Environment, which extended for more than twenty years and resulted in implementing several strategic projects and initiatives, especially with regard to international conventions such as climate change, biodiversity and combating desertification. She also pointed to the existing projects that are currently under implementation with the Ministry of Environment such as “Mainstreaming Rio Convention Provisions into National Sectoral Policies” project and the "Mercury Initial Assessment" project in addition to a number of other projects that will be put into effect mid-year 2017.

She concluded by thanking the Ministry of Environment for its confidence in choosing the United Nations Development Program for the implementation of this important project in the Badia region and hoped for constant cooperation at all levels.

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