UNDP and BDC partnership to kick off skills-exchange project

Jun 22, 2016

as part of its continuous efforts to mitigate the impact of Syria crisis on Jordanian host communities and to strengthen the social cohesion between Jordanians and Syrians, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) signed a partnership agreement with Business Development Center (BDC), to implement a project of skills exchange between Syrian refugees and Jordanians.

This pioneer project will provide the opportunities for Syrian and Jordanian to exchange technical skills and experience, while providing an urgent income support for the beneficiaries. The project will support the Syrian refugees to be trainers through Training of Trainer (ToT), facilitate skills exchange between the trained Syrians and vulnerable Jordanians for the Jordanian beneficiaries to create sustainable livelihoods opportunities with entrepreneurship skills and microbusiness development. In return, Jordanian participants will support Syrian refugees to have sense of safety and security, and strengthen the social cohesion through the process amongst Syrian refugees and Jordanians in hosting areas.

The nine-month project will be executed in three municipalities in Mafraq governorate: Za’tari, Bal’ama, and Southern Suburb of Greater Mafraq, targeting 300 young men and women.

Under the guidance of specialized supervisors, the Syrian refugees will transfer their technical/hands-on skills and experiences - which are demanded in the Jordanian labour market, to a group of Jordanian young men and women over three months of skills exchange sessions. Prior to that, Syrian refugees will receive a ToT to acquire skills to transfer their knowledge to Jordanians, and to replenish their skills.

In order to enhance immediate livelihoods and following the skill-exchange period, UNDP and BDC will facilitate the employment of the Jordanian beneficiaries in relevant sectors to the new skills they have gained. While the other group of Jordanians who wish to develop their own businesses, will enroll in a specialized training programme on “how to establish and run microbusiness”, UNDP will provide seed fund to the successful and feasible business ideas.  Syrian participants will stay with them as mentors for six months to ensure sustainability of the businesses, while further strengthening social cohesion.

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