The Prime Minister Meets UNDP director of Global Centre for Public Service Excellence & Inaugurates the 11th Government Leaders Forum

Feb 21, 2016

Jordanian Prime Minister Abdullah Nsour has inaugurated the 11th Government Leadership Forum, which was organized in partnership with UNDP Jordan Office.

The main speaker of the event was the Director of UNDP Global Centre for Public Service Excellence in Singapore Max Everest-Phillips, who was invited to give a lecture on the effectiveness of Public service around the world in a fast changing environment especially with the uprising development challenges & the new Sustainable Development Goals.

Mr. Everest cited an executive plan prepared by the ministry to improve the efficiency of government agencies, focusing on human resources, accountability, good governance and excellence, among other aspects.

Everest-Phillips said that failure in public administration also derives from a lack of consensus on civil service objectives; the failure to evaluate reform systematically and then disseminate the results; political posturing; and the absence of a theoretical model to guide reforms that, as result, can be ad hoc at best and misguided at worst.


On the sideline of the forum; The Prime Minister met with in the presence of the Minister of Public Sector Development with Max Everest-Phillips and UNDP Country Director Zena Ali Ahmad. During the meeting, the PM strengthened that Jordan is looking forward to benefit from expertise of Singapore as well as UNDP experience center in the public sector and services field.

UNDP expressed their readiness to cooperate with the governmental institutions to support the public services development.


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