UNDP holds training workshop on developing "Maps of Risks and Resources" for municipalities

Dec 28, 2014

Participants during the Workshop

Representatives from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and the Ministry of Interior and   representatives from Mafraq and Irbid municipalities with UNDP team members from the "Mitigating the Impact of the Syrian Refugee Crisis on Jordanian Vulnerable Host Communities project participated in a two days' workshop conducted by UNDP Lebanon based on invitation from UNDP Jordan titled: "Maps of Risks and Resources" (MRR).

The Maps of Risks and Resources (MRR) is a conflict sensitive needs assessment methodology implemented to facilitate the dialogue and collaboration between stakeholders at local level in order to identify risks, needs and resources, available and not available, prioritize risks and needs, and identify possible responses to solve them.

Through this methodology and to ensure the participation of the community as a whole, Municipal Working Groups are formed involving local authorities, civil society and private sector, for each targeted municipality.

The main objective is to support coordinated interventions at municipal level, based on the identification of problems, their related risks and possible responses in a participatory way, and on the basis of this initial mapping, support the development of Multi-sectorial Municipal Action Plans for Resilience.

MRR exercise ensures participation of all key local development actors from the community in the identification and prioritization of the risks and problems and the recognition of common strategic responses; it came as a response from UNDP Jordan is planning to implement the MRR Methodology to help addressing the most vulnerable municipalities especially in the north which exhaustively affected of the Syrian crises.

The final outcome of the MRR assessment is a Map of Risks and Resources, including risks, possible responses for each municipality, and a Multi-sectorial Municipal Action Plan that offers a concrete range of projects for short and medium-long term, respective costs, resources available and resources to be mobilized based on the prioritization of those projects.

Participants from municipalities and the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs appreciated the effort of both UNDP Jordan and Lebanon to foster for resilience in communities affected of the Syrian crises. 

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