Mayors from Irbid and Mafraq governorates address local problems and build resilience

Dec 26, 2014

From the left- the Socio economic portfolio manager Nadia Al Awamleh with Mayors expressing their gratitude to UNDP in a drawing

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and in partnership with the Sub-Regional Facility on the Syrian Response, and the Ministries of Municipal Affairs and Interior, organized two-day workshop retreat for 36 Mayors from Irbid and Mafraq Governorates. 

During the workshop retreat many meetings were held to introduce interventions of UNDP in the host communities.  Many success stories were introduced from the participants to reflect the impact of UNDP on the local communities who benefited from vocational training, microbusinesses, municipal support and community outreach activities. UNDP ensures national ownership and strengthens cooperation and collaboration among related institutions and partners.

During the second day, the Sub Regional Facility for the Syrian Response introduced the testing of the Municipality Toolkit, a UNDP product which aims to help municipalities address local problems and build resilience. The discussions included situation analysis on the current responses of the Municipalities who are on the front line of the stress of the Syrian refugee crisis.

Mayors stated problems with inadequate public services, lack of jobs, and rising social tensions and security concerns. The meeting addressed these challenges, and concluded that municipalities need to optimize their resources. While assistance from external partners is necessary and welcomed, ultimately it is up to municipalities themselves to build a response that will enable individuals and communities to withstand, recover and transform from the impact of shocks and crisis.

At the end of the workshop retreat, the Mayors expressed their commitment to support training workshops to their Local Development Units, under UNDP’s Community Outreach activity, and they look forward for more cooperation with UNDP in the future.

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