UNDP and ASEZA launch sudies on marine and coastal environment

Aug 19, 2014

the Board of Commissioners of Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority Dr. Kamel Mhadein recognizes UNDP support during the Studies Launch ceremony

Under the patronage of Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority Dr. Kamel Mhadein, and with the support from United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) Launched on Tuesday, August 19th new studies and outcomes developed through the project of "Marine Biodiversity Conservation into Coastal Zone Management in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone". Ceremony Launch took place in Intercontinental- Aqaba.

The new studies and outcomes that have been developed through the project During the past two years included the executive plan for eco-tourism in Aqaba and a strategy for environmental awareness on the marine and coastal environment, it also included the new updated management plan for the Aqaba Marine Park as well as the National Report on the integrated management for the coastal area. In accordance to the launch; the evaluation of the training program for graduates of the College of Marine Sciences results were announced.

ASEZA also announced the commencement on implementing several plans such as the plan of the coastal area utilization, the development of database of the marine environment and the preparation of a status report of the coastal environment and economic assessment of marine resources in Aqaba and the assessment of fish stocks in Aqaba.

Dr. Mhadien, Head of the Board of Commissioners in the authority of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone thanked all parties contributed to the completion of the work and urged to continue putting on the ground the successful work, he also commended the outputs of the project hoping to be a model to improve the environmental management of the coastal zone in Aqaba.

On the other hand, UNDP country director, Zena Ali Ahmad highlighted the significant role done by the ASEZA , and in particular the great effort made through the Office of the Environment and its directorates such as the Aqaba Marine Park and the Directorate of Environment to protect marine biodiversity featured in Aqaba. She also emphasized the importance of the projects outcomes as it supports Jordan obligations towards the environmental conventions signed, especially the United Nations Convention on Biodiversity.

Dr. Muhannad Hararh, Commissioner for Environment and Health Control, spoke at the ceremony and pointed out that what distinguished the project is the module used in the implementation of activities where relied on the co-ordination between the administration of the project and among all designated departments, specifically the Aqaba Marine Park, referring to the great interest shown by the authority to the importance of protecting environmental resources in Aqaba and work to achieve its  vision to  sustainable development.

He also thanked the Global Environment Facility to support the implementation of the project and the Ministry of Planning for their cooperation.

At the end of the ceremony launch, UNDP and ASEZA presented awards to winners of the contest took place in Ramadan implemented by the Aqaba Park and the Marine project.

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