Strengthening the Integrity of Ballot Counting With EU-UNDP Support

Jul 9, 2014


The EU-UNDP project for electoral assistance in Jordan held a three day workshop on ballot counting procedures with the Independent Election Commission (IEC).

“Counting procedures are at the heart of the accuracy and consistency needed for voters to trust an electoral process,” said His Excellency Dr. Ali Al-Drabkeh, Secretary-General of the IEC. “The IEC is committed to following the highest standards to maintain and strengthen that confidence for future elections.”

International advisers guided 15 IEC officials through simulations and an in-depth review of the counting procedures followed in the 2013 parliamentary election, in order to find ways to further strengthen the integrity of the process. They provided demonstrations of effective practices followed in other countries to detect and correct possible mistakes or irregularities. At the end of the workshop, IEC officials formulated a set of recommendations on ballot counting for future elections. The workshop also helped build IEC capacity in designing procedures in other areas of electoral operations, by laying the foundation for a standardized approach.

“This is a good time to review what was done in the last election and to draw comparisons with other international experiences,” said Katie Green, a UNDP expert on electoral procedures who led the event. “When it comes to counting ballots, the details truly matter, because they can affect whether the results reflect the genuine will of the people.”

The workshop was held in close collaboration with advisers of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) and IEC staff.

The overall goal of the EU-UNDP electoral assistance project, launched in 2012, is to help the IEC develop into an institution capable of conducting elections that enjoy wide credibility among citizens.


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Khuzaima Jaber, Communications Officer