Enhancing social accountability for better delivery of health services in Jordan

Sep 24, 2014

Zena Ali Ahmad, UNDP country director speaking at the Ceremony

Under the patronage of His Excellency, Minister of Health, Dr. Ali Hyasat, the United Nation Development program (UNDP) announced the “Enhancing Social Accountability for Better Delivery of Health Services” Initiative results, on June 10, 2014 at the meridian Hotel in Amman. The initiative is in partnership with the Anticorruption Commission and the Ministry of Health and in collaboration with the High Health Council and the recently joined, the National Woman’s Health Care Center. 

The Initiative comes as part of the efforts to enhance social including health, education, water, etc. with regional and international support provided by the United Nations Development Programme.  Social Accountability in this context refers to the social participation in monitoring health services through the collective effort s of individual citizens and civil society actors with the support of official actors involved in service delivery and oversight integrity and quality standards, and build synergy between the two parties to work together for better delivery of services and enhance development efforts.

UNDP country Director,  Zena Ali Ahmed highlighted the ceremony and said:" The initiative comes as an attempt to strengthen the social accountability to improve the basic services provided by the government, such as health, education, water and in the support from the United Nations Development Programme".  

She also added that "Community participation to monitor the quality of essential services is a collective effort by all citizens and civil society representatives and will contribute to a government that is accountable to their citizens". 

Dr. Ali Hyasat , Minister of Health thanked the UNDP for their contribution and continuous support to the Kingdom and said: "Jordan has achieved a lot of  progress in the Health sector, we walked into a long path to advance the health services provided to all citizens". He also added: "His Majesty King Abdullah the second has always urged the governments to work hard for to implement a comprehensive reform plan that will eventually lead to the progress of the kingdom".  

At the end of the ceremony a short film was screened as a visual introduction to the initiative objectives with focus on the developed electronic platform www.sharek.jo; resulted from the initiative, the platform is considered as the one of its kind not only in Jordan, but in the whole Arab region. Shakrek.com is integrated with smart phones and social media applications, and linked to official bodies responsible for the provision, oversight and fighting corruption in the delivery of health services, starting with the Ministry of Health and the Jordanian Anticorruption Commission. A rapid social appraisal was before conducted, which drew conclusions and recommendations used in developing the electronic platform, and determining Phase II directions.

Phase II of the initiative builds on the first phase of the initiative aiming to increase the understanding of stakeholders, including users and public officials involved in the delivery of and oversight the quality and integrity of health services, of social accountability concept, mechanisms and tools, through enabling them to explore the electronic platform “Sharek” and its applications, in addition to build capacities in the concept of social accountability, mechanisms and tools of public service performance.

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