UNDP Provides Training Workshop on Airport Assessment Of Logistics Challenges Posed By Natural Disasters

Jun 9, 2014

Participants during the GARD Meeting

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Jordan and in partnership with DHL concluded two days consultation meeting  with representatives from the Ministry of the Interior,  Ministry of Transportation, Authority of Civil Aviation,  Public Security Directorate and Military and Security divisions directorate.  The meeting is part of the workshop-based program titled:  "Getting Airports Ready for Disaster" (GARD). During the meeting, participants urged the need to undertake a detailed assessment of airport capacities to quickly respond to natural disasters, they also confirmed the need for better cooperation and collaboration among the designated parties.

The meeting took place on the third and the fourth of June, the first day was held at the Hayat hotel, and at the Queen alia Airport the second day.

The Get Airports Ready for Disaster” (GARD) is a global program developed in partnership with Deutsche Post DHL as part of their global corporate social responsibility, availing their aviation and logistics expertise on pro bono basis in a partnership with the United Nations Development Programme  (UNDP) to support airports all over the world to increase their efficiency during response to a crisis.  Since its launch in 2009 the GARD program has been implemented at more than 20 airports in disaster prone countries.

The GARD program aims at increasing thecapacities of airport officials and related disaster management agencies to be able to assess the capacity of their airport to handle a surge in unscheduled flights, cargo and passengers in the aftermath of a natural disaster. The key output of the workshop is a structured report on the airport’s surge capability, crisis plan and management structure.

Mr. Mohammad Smeran, Governor of Public Safety in the Ministry of Interior and the Secretary General of Higher Council for Civil Defense said: "We are proud of the partnership with UNDP and appreciate the long standing cooperation in that field. It is very important to increase airport personnel capacities and other stakeholders and prepare them to efficiently respond to natural disasters when happen".

At the end of the meeting, participants expressed their commitment to support training workshops to the airport personnel and other relevant stakeholders planned to take place in September 2014.



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