Independent Election Commission hosts workshop on UNDP electoral lexicon

May 8, 2014


The newly appointed Board of Commissioners of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) hosted a meeting of electoral experts to produce a lexicon of electoral terminology in Arabic, English and French.

The lexicon, which is being developed by UNDP Regional Center, will facilitate an understanding of electoral terms commonly used in discussions, negotiations and the drafting of documents. The goal is to include differences in usage from country to country in the Arab region.

“The IEC aims to strengthen cooperation with electoral authorities from other Arabic speaking countries, and the UNDP lexicon will be a very valuable tool in facilitating communication across the region,” said Maarten Halff, UNDP Senior Electoral Adviser in Jordan.

The working session was led by UNDP experts and was attended by the newly appointed Commissioners, senior IEC staff, members of Jordanian civil society, and others. Participants reviewed approximately 350 electoral terms and discussed their usage in Jordan.

The UNDP lexicon is intended to be a reference work across the Arabic speaking world for election professionals, political parties, civil society, members of parliament, government and the judiciary, as well as students in schools and universities.  The lexicon is expected to be published later this year.

UNDP, in partnership with the European Union, is providing electoral assistance to the IEC of Jordan with funding provided by the EU.