UNDP and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs complete a three-days Community Outreach training for representatives from nine municipalities in Irbid and Mafraq governroates

Apr 17, 2014

UNDP yesterday wrapped up the first phase of a Community Outreach training programme that is organised as a major initiative in support of nine targeted municipalities of Irbid and Mafraq governorates. The three-days workshop took place at the Greater Irbid municipality and engaged two trainees and one supervisor per municipality, for a total of 30 representatives.

 The training was designed by UNDP and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs within the Community Outreach activities funded by the World Bank, which fall under the framework of the “Mitigating the Impact of the Syrian Refugee Crisis on the Jordanian Host Communities" UNDP Project. The training consists of three phases over three months, during which theory is followed by field work, in order to better engage municipalities and help them build a bridge towards local communities.

 The overall objective of the training is to build trust, share information and include communities in the decision making process, in order to prioritize their needs and raise awareness on municipal services delivery. In particular, the training aims at: identifying and analysing the role of stakeholders and the relevant authorities and their influence in the community; developing mechanisms of coordination and cooperation among all the trainees and supervisors; preparing and planning outreach activities; developing a communication manual on community outreach to be adopted by all municipalities in Jordan .

 During the three days, the 30 municipal staff who attended the training were enabled to enhance their soft skills and learn more about the principles of communication. The training will empower them to engage in more successful networking activities and roles involving all stakeholders that are active in the areas of the targeted municipalities, including NGOs, CBOs,amongst others.

 Participants of this first training course were selected based on UNDP and municipalities’ joint consultation from the municipalities of Ramtha, Sahel Horan, Greater Irbid Municipality, West Irbid, Sho’leh (Irbid Governorate), and Greater Mafraq Municipality, Balaama, Sarhan, Zaatari and Manshiet Al Sulta (Mafraq Governorate).