UNDP conducts Mid-Term Board Meeting for the Socio-Economic Portfolio Projects

Feb 24, 2014

Mid Term Board Meeting

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) conducted a mid-term board meeting  for two of the socio-economic projects, sharing the progress achieved with the donors (the Government of Japan, the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), and World Bank), the governmental partners (Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MOPIC), Ministry of Municipal affairs (MOMA), Ministry of Labor (MOL), Ministry of Interior (MOI) and the Governorates of Irbid and Mafraq), and the partner NGOs (Ruwwad for Development & Ruwwad MicroVenture Fund and Jordan Career Education Foundation, The Jordanian Center for Civic Education, Khireej.com).

During the meeting, UNDP highlighted progress and future plans of the projects “Mitigating the Impact of the Syrian Refugee Crisis on the Jordanian Vulnerable Host Communities” and “Youth Employment Generation Programme in Arab Transaction Countries – Jordan Component- Phase II”.  In addition to the results of the three surveys that the Socio-economic Portfolio has conducted recently (Households expenditures and income Survey at Irbid and Mafraq, Municipal needs assessment at Irbid and Mafraq, Labour market needs assessment at Eight governorates of Jordan).

During the morning session, the Host Community project’s team presented the progress achieved in the components of economic empowerment, employment generation, municipal service improvement, and technical support to coordination of host community concerns. Partners expressed their appreciation to UNDP for leading such essential project. In this regard, Ms. Zein Sofan, Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, noted: “the host communities project is quite pioneering one; it has been the first project that targeted the Jordanian host communities affected by the burden of the Syrian crisis, not the Syrian refugees themselves like other projects”, where also Ms. Sofan has highlighted the importance of the technical support to coordination of host community concerns: “I need to admit also the importance of the Host Communities Support Platform that has been initiated by UNDP to serve as coordination mechanism for host communities’ issues among all donors, Jordanian Ministries, and International agencies who support the host communities”.

In the afternoon session, the Youth Employment Generation project’s team and partner NGOs presented their project progress in the field of youth employment, contribution to poverty reduction and social stability in Jordan. Its worth to mention, this project is designed to target young people aged 16 to 36 years, with a special focus on recent graduates, school drop-outs or people without university diplomas with the necessary experience and skills that would enhance their marketability and employment opportunities.

Voices of many young beneficiaries were heard during the meeting. Ms. Fatimah Abu Mahfouth, one of the micro-business training beneficiaries from Tafileh Governorate, said: “I’m very glad that I had the opportunity to be part of this tremendously beneficial training. I’m skilled in 22 different handicrafts, but this program gave me the knowledge of managing these skills and convert them into a successful business. And completing the cycle, the program gave me an adequate fund to create my handicrafts center, where I can open my own business and also create job opportunities for the ladies around”.

Eventually, Ms. Zena Ali Ahmad, UNDP's Country Director, stressed that all recommendations will be included in the projects’ next action plans. These projects are part of a network of linked projects in support of Jordan; however UNDP Jordan pledges to implement long lasting programs under the auspices of all donors who are already supporting the projects".

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