Business training certificates are handed out to 63 trainees during two graduation ceremonies held by UNDP and Ruwwad Micro-Venture Fund, in Irbid

Feb 19, 2014

Irbid Graduation Ceremony

On the final day of the “Establishing and Managing Your Own Small Business” Training Workshops held in Irbid during last week, two groups of 31 and 32 participants were awarded for their participation with a certificate on Business Planning. In partnership with Ruwwad Micro-Venture Fund (RMVF), UNDP organised graduation ceremonies for the two rounds of a 5-days intensive course.  The course falls under the UNDP Project, “Mitigating the Impact of the Syrian Refugee Crisis on the Jordanian Host Communities", implemented in coordination with the Government of Jordan and funded by the Japanese Government.

 The two graduation ceremonies took place at 11:00 am in Deir Abu Said at the Women's Youth Centre, Al-Koura, and at 2:00 pm at the Princess Basma Centre / Sheikh Hussein, Al-Shouneh.

 In receiving the certificate, trainees commit to exploring the work opportunities that the business they will run in the future can offer to other unemployed people within their communities. “This project not only brought benefits to the direct beneficiaries, but also to the local community and all involved stakeholders,” Mohammad Al Dghaim, one of the beneficiaries, said. “The training has enabled us with powerful skills to start our own business, and thus support our livelihoods. We benefited immensely from the training course, as the interaction among the trainees and with the trainer was excellent”.

 In response to the Syrian crisis that has severely affected already strained governorates in Northern Jordan, UNDP has been implementing training activities to help address capacity building needs of people seeking job opportunities. As unemployment rate in Jordan was 12,6% at the end of 2013, enhancing abilities of individuals from disadvantaged communities is key to help them generate income for their future well-being, as well as to fullfill employment gaps in local labour markets.

 As part of this economic empowerment through capacity building, the training programme aimed at nurturing entrepreneurship and increasing business skills and know-how, as well as providing trainees with funding to start-up and operate micro and small businesses based on their own ideas. In this view, the intensive courses involve training on financial planning, marketing, communication, and other subjects under the umbrella of entrepreneurial projects and microbusinesses.

 The “Establishing and Managing Your Own Small Business” training programme, which started last October, as of today has successfully trained 176 males and females seeking employment in the Northern governorates of Jordan, targeting those most affected by the Syrian crisis, namely Mafraq (60), Ramtha (53) and Irbid (63). Amongst these, a total of 80 most promising business ideas were selected during Pitching Sessions in which candidates had the opportunity to present their microbusiness plans to a panel comprising of representatives from UNDP, the Government of Japan and the private sector. The aspiring entrepreneurs received funding of 6,000 JOD to operate their microbusinesses and have now started the process of establishing their shops, studios, and production activities. Other envisaged training rounds are to be introduced in the next months.

 Representatives of the Government of Jordan, UNDP and Ruwwad Micro-Venture Fund, as well as the partner organizations Irada and National Micro-Finance Bank, attended the ceremony.

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