Host communities support platform set to endorse government-led national resilience plan

Jan 9, 2014

Amman - The Host Communities Support Platform (HCSP), chaired by the Minister of Planning, H.E. Dr. Ibrahim Saif convened a meeting on Thursday 9th January 2014 to endorse the Government’s National Resilience Plan (NRP).  The NRP provides a strategic framework for Jordan’s response to the impact of the Syria crisis, with a focus on supporting Jordanian host communities in the most affected areas of the Kingdom. 

The High Level Platform, established by the Government of Jordan last September, comprises Government line ministries, leading members of the International Community, the United Nations, and key development partners.  The purpose of the HCSP is to support the Government as it responds to a variety of challenges brought on by the crisis. 

Ahead of the HCSP meeting, H.E. Dr. Ibrahim Saif, remarked “The Government has been systematic and considered in its approach to the impact of the crisis.  In September last year it commissioned the Needs Assessment Review (NAR) to obtain the first comprehensive resilience based reading of the gravity of impact across all the majors sectors, and in November it launched an intensive and participatory planning process led by key line ministries that has now resulted in the production of the National Resilience Plan”.

The NRP seeks to address three major areas of stress identified in the Needs Assessment Review:

  •   the accumulating fiscal burden the crisis is incurring at the national level;
  •   the strain on local Jordanian services’ ability to cope, such as in education, health, water, sanitation and solid waste management;
  •    the social and economic consequences facing Jordanian local communities that are ‘hosting’ nearly 600,000 refugees. 

Following on from the NAR, the Government, supported by the HCSP Secretariat, donor community, NGOs and  a team of multidisciplinary UN experts  carried out the formulation of a three-year programme of priority investments to address the major challenges presented by the crisis.

H.E. Dr. Ibrahim Saif, went on to praise the robust engagement of international partners in supporting the preparation of the NRP, underscoring their vital role ahead in implementation and, critically, assistance in financing the NRP.

The NRP contains a US$2.4 billion programme of priority interventions across the eight major sectors of education, energy, health, housing, livelihoods and employment, municipal services, water and sanitation and social protection. In addition to the fiscal support required to compensate for the increased cost of subsidies and security support on the budget, of US$758 million and US$965.3 million respectively.

The NRP will then be presented by H.E. Dr. Ibrahim Saif at the Kuwait High-level Pledging Conference for the Syria crisis on 15th January 2014.

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