UNDP Jordan launches with Ruwwad for Development its programme on microbusinesses and entrepreneurial initiatives to help reduce unemployment in Jordan

Sep 29, 2013

Young women attended first community meeting in Tafileh on 21st September 2013. 

Amman – September 2013 – Dr. Zena Ali-Ahmad, UNDP Jordan Country Director, and Mr Fadi Ghandour, Founder and Chairman of Ruwwad for Development and Ruwwad Micro Venture Fund, signed a cooperation agreement that aims to address youth unemployment through microbusiness creation and development.

This initiative which is supported by the government of Jordan, is jointly funded by the Government of Japan, UNDP, and Ruwwad Micro Venture Fund with .The agreement, to be implemented over the next 18 months, aims to encourage youth entrepreneurial initiatives in local communities to help them start microbusinesses for jobs and income creation that address their local needs and generate jobs. The program will provide a package of financial and non-financial services to the local entrepreneurs, such as mentorship, technical training, legal advice, marketing and management advice, and seed grants to help them establish and operate their microbusinesses in Irbid and Mafraq governorates. This will help the Government of Jordan mitigate the impact of the Syrian crisis on vulnerable host communities in these Northern governorates. A similar initiative aims to tackle youth unemployment in six governorates across Jordan, namely Al Tafileh, Ajloun, Al Karak, Al Balqa, Ma’an, and Jerash. This Program will encourage youth to start their own microbusinesses by equipping them with the necessary skills, knowledge and financial and non-financial support to start and run their own businesses.

The whole program at the 8 governorates is committed to train 600 entrepreneurs, identify at least 270 possible business ideas, invest in at least 128 businesses, and  help generate 432 jobs over the first three years of operations.

On Saturday 21st September, the program was launched in the first community meeting which gathered around 50-70 attendees from the local society in Tafileh. Subsequently, 17 community meetings will be held with the local communities in all targeted governorates.

This initiative represents an effective partnership among public and private sectors and civil society organizations, as it gains the support of the government of Jordan and enhances the role of private sector in local development in addition to the assistance of several civil society organizations and national institutions in advocating the idea of the initiative and outreach of beneficiaries through their networks.


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Mitigating the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on Jordanian vulnerable host communities,
Ghassan Elkahlout, Tel. +962-6- 5100420 ext # 242 -e-mail

Youth Employment Generation Program in Arab Transition Countries– Jordan Component Phase II ,
Enam Malkawi,Tel. +962-6- 5100420 ext # 241 – e-mail:

Ruwwad Mico Venture Fund , Tel. +962-6-47633319 – e-mail: microbusiness@ruwwad.jo

UNDP Jordan ,For more than 30 years the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Jordan served the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with its knowledge and expertise, financially and technically assisting Jordan to improve the lives of local communities.UNDP engages with Jordanians at all levels of society to provide support in developing their capacities to enhance their livelihood. UNDP Jordan works closely with the government of Jordan to meet the needs of citizens and tackle the challenges facing the kingdom in the following areas of support: Reducing Poverty and Achieving the Millennium Development Goals, Promoting Democratic Governance, Climate Change and Protecting the Environment and Management and Preparedness for Potential Disaster.Promoting gender equity, inclusion of youth in development programmes, and the protection and promotion of human rights are main components of UNDP Jordan’s attention in the areas of support provided to Jordan.UNDP Jordan remains attentive to respond to the development needs in Jordan in alignment with the national priorities.

Ruwwad for Development is a non-profitable organization aims to help disadvantaged communities to overcome their marginalization through youth activation, education and civil engagement in social services. Ruwwad for development was found by the initiative of Mr Fadi Ghandour , a Jordanian Business man together with other Arab & Jordanian business men with the support of Aramex, Aman Cairo Bank, and Abraj Group. 

Ruwwad for Development in cooperation with Ruwwad Micro-venture fund,  was established by the private sector efforts, to provide training, mentorship, and access to capital for microbusinessess in marginalized communites; it enables budding enterpeneures to transalte their business ideas into income generating microbusinesses that create employment opportunities to them and others and stimulate local economic growth.

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