Memorandum of Understanding between UNDP and Ministry of Municipal Affairs to help support host communities in Mafraq and Irbid

Aug 14, 2013

Within the framework of the “Mitigating the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on Jordanian vulnerable host communities” project being implemented in Irbid and Mafraq, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs on Wednesday 7 August 2013. The MOU aims at enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of basic municipal services provided in the host community, including solid waste management services.

The MOU included areas of cooperation to promote municipal services, strengthening institutional mechanisms at the municipal level through improved management systems, solid waste management and other development tools to communicate and connect with the host communities to raise awareness of services.

H.E. Engineer Walid Otoum, Secretary General of Ministry of Municipal Affairs, highlighted the importance of the project and how it sheds light on the essential role played by municipalities in the targeted governorates, it also attracts international support for those municipalities to enable them to fulfill the burden placed upon them in light of the increasing pressure on municipal services, which has led to the need for concerted national and international efforts to enable municipalities to address these pressures in terms of providing the mechanisms and the necessary equipment and raise the efficiency of its employees.

H.E added that the crisis have added a significant burden on municipalities, especially that they already have limited resources, he also thanked UNDP for their support to hosting communities.

On her part, Ms. Zena Ali Ahmed, UNDP Country Director, clarified that the role of the programme is to contribute to the achievement of economic and social development of host communities in Jordan through a holistic project which includes several outputs, including creating job opportunities for youth in the targeted governorates, support municipalities through the provision of equipment and workers for a limited period of time, in order to contribute to their immediate needs. Additionally it aims to raise the municipal capacity in responding to the urgent needs and support young people to start small and medium-sized projects.

The signing ceremony was attended by Engineer Walid Otoum on behalf of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Ms. Zina Ali Ahmed on behalf of the UNDP, Dr. Raed Al Adwan, Director of the Directorate of Local Development in the Ministry of the Interior, and both the governor of Mafraq Mr. Abdullah Al-Khattab, and the Governor of Irbid Mr. Khaled Abu Zaid.

As a first step of launching the agreement which is funded by the Japanese government to support host communities in Jordan, UNDP will present one million four hundred thousand dollars to support the municipalities in Irbid and Mafraq to meet the immediate needs of equipment, and will continue to secure further financial support for the implementation of the agreement.


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