UNDP Jordan supports Jordan’s Food Security Strategy

Jul 1, 2013

UNDP Jordan has participated in “The National Agriculture Conference 2013: Opportunities and Challenges” on Monday July 1st 2013.

The national conference has shed light on the agricultural challenges facing Jordan: land use in the Jordan Valley, agricultural resources limitation, and climate change effects of fluctuation of rain and drought amongst many other challenges that affects food security in Jordan.

H.E. Dr. Hazem Al Naser, Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Water and Irrigation, representing H.E. the Prime Minister stated that “The Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Water and Irrigation calls for a comprehensive national agriculture strategy aiming at reducing the impact of climate change and drought, through the adoption of active plans and programmes implementing water harvesting projects aiming at the conservation of agricultural resources reduce degradation.”

UNDP Jordan expressed appreciation of the efforts and work of the Ministry of Agriculture and stated that this conference is in alignment recently released government action plan towards improving the water sector and enhancing its contrition in the Gross Domestic Product, food security and poverty alleviation in rural areas.

UNDP Jordan is currently working with the Ministry of Agriculture and the World Food Programme (WFP) to develop a national food security strategy aiming at defining a set of actions to address the issue of food security at the local level. “The strategy adopts analytical papers prepared by a number of local and international experts from UNDP that will be an important aspect in developing and implementing the strategy.” said Zena Ali-Ahmad, UNDP Jordan Country Director. She added “The formulation of the strategy will be participatory in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, as a set of consultative sessions will take place with all partners involved.”

Ms. Ali Ahmad stated “The strategy formulation is in line with the framework of a joint project implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture with the support of United Nations Development Programme on food security and under the supervision of the Higher Committee for Food Security.”

The Food and Nutrition Security in Jordan towards Poverty Alleviation Project is a joitn UN project that aims at enhancing food security and nutrition in Jordan as a main pillar for poverty alleviation.  UNDP has led a Joint UN Program to provide credible, coherent assistance to the government at the national and local levels through supporting coordinated national food security response, increasing sustainable food production for small-holder farmers and improving nutrition interventions and safety nets.