Global Compact Media Group GCMG

Oct 31, 2011

Global Compact Media Group has been established by UNDP Jordan CO as a joint activity between “Poverty & MDGs Portfolio” and “Media & Communications Unit.” The initiative was taken after several discussions conveying that Jordan does not have specialized Journalists in the Global Compact field.

Invitations were sent to seven Journalists to attend the first meeting Presentation on the 28th of September 2011. It was prepared and presented by Ms. Majida Al-Assaf: Poverty &MDGs Analyst in UNDP Jordan. Five Journalists attended, representing several Media institutions, those were:

  • Inass Swiss – Petra News Agency
  • Taghreed Al-Resheq – Alghad Daily Newspaper
  • Ghada Al-Resheq – Alghad Daily Newspaper
  • Hamad Alothman – Al-Arab Al-Yawm Daily Newspaper
  • Mohammad Shamma – Radio Al-Balad & Ammannet website.

It was agreed that the Global compact media group will cover all the Global Compact Local network activities in newspapers and on websites as part of supporting GCLN and raising awareness on global compact between private sector companies.