From Housewife to Aspiring Entrepreneur

Sep 17, 2017

Hoson Al-Awadat, mother of 7 one of them with learning difficulties joined UNDP’s Emergency Project (3x6) approach against all odds. She has dedicated her life to her husband, who has taken a second wife, and her kids relentlessly for over a decade. Hoson experienced an awakening when she heard about a new project in Zarqa that promises to create job opportunities and build the skills of young Jordanians. After attending an introductory session; she decided this might be the opportunity of a life-time.

“I benefited greatly from the soft skills sessions. I felt like I’m a new person, ready to change and very optimistic about the future.”


Need for Change

Hoson’s husband was doubtful about his wife’s ability to join the project, discouraging her from applying. “He was wondering why would they accept someone in her thirties, with no experience or qualifications. He told me that going through with this would be a waste of time; there was no way they would accept me” says Hoson who was determined not to waste this opportunity.

Full of hope, Hoson applied and was called for an interview. She went home afterwards and impatiently waited for the call that will announce her acceptance into the project.

Hoson was in need to expand her horizons by going out and doing something beyond her domestic duties as well as bring an income to her family who was supported solely by a husband who has a second wife, and a second family. “His other wife has a job, therefore she’s not fully dependent on him to provide for her kids. I, on the other hand, have 7 kids and no job” she explains.


A New Person

That call was finally received and Hoson carried the great news to her Husband who was surprised yet very happy for his wife.

“I benefited greatly from the soft skills sessions. I felt like I’m a new person, ready to change and very optimistic about the future.” Says Hoson. Among the skills Hoson learned from UNDP’s awareness and soft skills sessions were personal development, positive attitude, personality growth and problem solving. “The session on dealing with pressure in particular was very useful. My family and friends noticed the change in my behavior from that day onward” she adds: “I used to pass by the time between house chores and talking about superficial things with my neighbors; now I don’t have time for meaningless conversations, I work hard outside and at home. It requires a lot of effort but it’s worth it.”


Looking Ahead

Hoson’s dream business is a cows’ farm. “It’s a good business. I have consulted with an expert and the net income of cow milk is 9 JDs per day, per cow. The entire neighborhood prefers fresh cow milk and they will be coming to us for that” she says. But she will not stop there, she has researched how to produce methane from cow dung and hopes to start producing biogas that can be sold as an alternative clean energy. The renewable energy produced from biogas is used as a stable source of electricity in several countries; on a small scale, it can supply electricity for her house and farm saving her a lot of money.

It is worth mentioning that UNDP’s Emergency Employment Project (3x6 approach) in Zarqa governorate, is funded by the government of Japan and World Food Programme (WFP) and in collaboration with the National Microfinance Bank. UNDP is implementing this project’s activities with the support of the Business Development Center (BDC).



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