UNDP supports PDTRA and ASEZA train and equip neighborhood volunteer teams

Aug 24, 2014

The United Nations Development Programme, in partnership with Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) and Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority  (PDTRA) launched a training program to equip two teams in the cities of Aqaba and Petra as the pilot search and rescue teams supporting their respective neighborhoods in case of a disaster response situation.

The teams consist of young men and women from different walks of life, who have the willingness and capacity to support the response scenarios, the volunteers received first aid training, evacuation training, disaster response; among other.

The programme has also availed equipment and material that would be needed to undertake the actual rescue functions in case of the disaster, the equipment is secured in a container in a known and accessible location to volunteers and community.

alongside continuous training and refresher courses that will be extended by Jordan Civil Defense, the containers were aided with non-rescue material, like paint, brushes, small construction equipment and material; these will be used to extend different services to the local community and insure volunteers and community use, check and validate the equipment in non-disaster situations. This practice was adopted and adapted from the experience of Turkish neighborhood volunteers network; which officials from DRR Units in ASEZA and PDTRA were exposed to through a study tour supported within UNDP’s DRR Program.

The DRR Units in ASEZA and PDTRA were established also through support by UNDP’s DRR Program, and as a response to the need in the two disaster prone regions. 

Aqaba is an important investment portal for Jordan, and its only harbor of Jordan. Petra is a special tourism and development flagship city. Both cities are prone to earthquake and flashfloods risks. The losses over the past ten years due to lack of disaster preparedness and mitigation measures exceeds ten millions; let alone fatalities. 

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