UNDP Emergency Employment takes YS away from Addiction

UNDP Emergency Employment takes YS away from Addiction
YS is one of the beneficiaries whose life was changed dramatically by the emergency employment project (3X6 approach).

Not too long ago sobriety was completely a foreign concept to YS- the 38 years old man and father of three in one of Mafraq’s municipalities. “By the time I was 18, I had a group of bad peers who led me to drug-using and drinking. 20 years later I found good peers who paved the way for my quit, UNDP has helped me free myself from alcohol, drugs and bad-peers’ influence. It has helped me to grow personally in many ways beyond my ability describe where to begin and how”.

By the time I was 18, I had a group of bad peers who led me to drug-using and drinking

“When I first found-out about the UNDP Emergency Employment Project (3X6 approach), it was a mere coincident in the afternoon of the last registration day, when I had no expectations other than the desire to do something in my free time”. Together with his colleagues at the project, YS worked on a community project to create a Green Garden for their neighborhood. “my role was to collect any and everything my team could recycle and use in the Green Garden. At a later stage in the project, we needed extra in-kind support to complete the Garden, this gave me the opportunity to meet with respectful people for the first time in my life, present the idea and raise funds for it”.

“My connectedness with the people in the project was always as important as the project itself to me, and that will certainly be missed in a few days when we conclude the trainings. The Emergency Employment Project (3X6 approach) has given me a life opportunity to meet good peers, today I no longer hangout with my old friends at all. I’ve been sober and clean since I joined the project”.

one key influence on YS’ life was gaining the respect of his community and family members. “My father used to look for empty bottles around the house, today he no longer searches my stuff”. YS speaks proudly of the change of his brother-in-law attitude towards him. “there was a silent rule that prevents my 20-year-old nephew to mingle with me, every time his father sights us together, he would call his son for any task, just to avoid letting him spend time with the bad uncle. Today the three of us hang out together”.  

With the generous support of The Government of Kuwait, UNDP in partnership with Jordan River Foundation & in collaboration with WFP and National Microfinance Bank, have been able to enroll 100 participants in a series of workshops aiming at building their life and basic business skills, and expertise in establishing and running microbusinesses. “I never thought it was possible for someone in my age and educational background to be able to acquire this knowledge. The skills have helped me to repair the relationship with my wife who have left me with my two other children, although we are not back together, am closer to the children and they are less affected with their parents’ separation. On another hand the skills I’ve earned will help me find a job and earn income for the first time in my life to support my family. UNDP has proved that it is never too late!”

YS will be pitching for his private business idea in a few days, he will compete against quite a number of other proposals to convince the selection panel to fund him. “I hope am one of the lucky group to be funded for their microbusinesses. Nevertheless, am determined not to return to the person I was before the project, I will look for a job and earn my living proudly”.   


* Due to the sensitivity of the case, the real name will be replaced by  YS.


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