UNDP managed to support young people to be enrolled in the labor market

Vocational Training for Host communities

Vocational Training for young people in Jordan
Ahmad, during the practical training in Jordan Photo courtesy: UNDP Jordan

“Since I was a kid; I had a passion towards etiquette and hospitality but never got the chance to learn about it” Said Ahmad, 24 years.


  • 261 young men and women participated in the vocational training Programme

Ahmad is one of the 261 young men and women who participated in a vocational training Programme “training for work” done by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) which aimed to equip the beneficiaries with key skills needed to help them meet the demands of the job market.

This training, which was conducted at Al Quds College for beneficiaries from Irbid & Mafraq, focused on different components including life skills, computer skills, and English language education in addition to theoretical training on retails sales, industrial sewing, car mechanic and hospitality. Once the trainees reached the final phase of the programme, they got the chance to have on job training, and had the chance to apply the skills and knowledge they gained.

“I couldn’t pursue my studies due to financial circumstances, when I heard about this initiative, I ran to sign up and prayed to God that they would accept me. I just cannot explain my feelings once I heard that my application was chosen”. Ahmad continues while proudly holding his certificate.

“ I learnt that there are different types of etiquette depending on the customers; also my communications’ skills were strengthen and I can say now that I’m capable to deal with different clients and serve their different tastes” Ahmad added. “ I owe UNDP for such an excellent training, as I just got an offer to work in a hotel here in Amman. I just cannot tell you how happy & proud I am” Ahmad told us.

“Young people are the engine for progress, but their potential future will go unfulfilled if they are not empowered with knowledge, skills and opportunities. Here comes UNDP role to invest in them and ensure they are equipped with the needed tools & skills to contribute to the economic transition in Jordan” said Zena Ali Ahmad, UNDP Jordan Country Director.

This programme which, so far,  trained 524 young men and women, was designed to meet the needs of the local labor market and the social conditions of its beneficiaries” based on a UNDP study on “Vocational Training in the Jordanian Labor Market”, which identified the needs of the Jordanian labor market.

It’s worth mentioning that this initiative is part of the “Mitigating the Impact of the Syrian Refugee Crisis on the Jordanian Host Communities” project which is led by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) especially in Irbid and Mafraq.


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