Our Stories

  • Life-Changing Opportunities For Women Participating in the Skills Exchange Project
    May 22, 2017

    Through UNDP’s project Skills Exchange Between Syrians and Jordanians, which is funded by the European Regional Development and Protection Programme, Rana Aqqad and Dina Shdeifat met and bonded; a Syrian mentor and a Jordanian mentee who are now close friends learned from each other valuable life and work lessons.

  • Learning Through Play for Al-Dlail’s Children
    May 16, 2017

    21 years old Dana Abu-Ryash has a bachelor degree in English Language and Literature but her thinking goes beyond the traditional track of college graduates in Jordan. She is the mastermind behind a UNDP-supported initiative in Al-Dlail — Zarqaa governorate which aims at helping children learn while they engage in fun activities that develop their creative thinking abilities.

  • The Art of Recycled Furniture

    It took a lot of courage from Hiba Abu-Abdoh, 32 years old, to join UNDP’s Emergency Employment Project (3x60) approach only 3 months after losing her little daughter due to a medical error. She overcome her grief for the sake of supporting her family at first; later she found out being engrossed in the project has given her a new hope for the future and transformed her life completely.

  • Exchanging More Than Knowledge
    May 10, 2017

    Al-Zeina, Maha, Islam and Hanadi are four ladies who have met through UNDP’s Skills Exchange project in Al-Mafraq governorate which is funded by the Regional Development & Protection Programme (RDPP) and soon became close friends. Their friendship; fuelled by knowledge-sharing and personal interactions has paved the way for a promising business partnership between them.

  • New Municipal Solid Waste Recovery and Recycling Contract Improves Livelihood of Waste Pickers in Jordanian landfills

    Jordan generates 2.2 million tons of solid municipal waste per year, growing annually by 5% of which only 7% is recycled or salvaged mainly by the informal sector. According to the National Solid Waste strategy, formalizing the informal waste recycling and materials recovery sector has become an economic opportunity to sustain landfill infrastructure, improve livelihood of many poor marginalized Jordanians and offer decent jobs for Syrian refugees and host communities.

  • UNDP's Project Unleashed Our Inner Entrepreneur

    Mariam Banian (Um Adham), 38 years old is a mother of 6 kids who has never dreamt of being the owner of an outlet shop located on the main road of Mghayer Al-Sarhan area in Mafraq. Her husband’s disability has been always a challenge but her soaring high spirits and his support of her business endeavors lead to her life-changing experience at UNDP’s Emergency Employment Project (3x6 approach) project.

  • Delicious Food Turned Into a Fruitful Business

    Both in their 30’s, Eman a single woman and Dhayeh a widow with a school-age daughter came together by means of UNDP’s Emergency Employment Project (3x6 approach) to start their own catering business which happens to be one of its kind here in Sama Al-Sarhan in Mafraq governorate.

  • UNDP Has Given Us the Voice That We Never Had
  • UNDP Has Given Us the Voice That We Never Had
  • UNDP Emergency Employment takes YS away from Addiction