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UNDP places a lot of emphasis on nurturing partnerships with different stakeholders in the country. The government of Jordan, represented through the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, is our main partner. We also work with the ministries of Finance, Environment, Political Development, Public Sector Development, Water and Irrigation, Social Development, Agriculture, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Industry and Trade, and Municipalities.We support other national institutions, including NGOs, such as Jordanian National Commission for Women, Jordanian National Forum for Women, National Centre for Human Rights, National Centre for Demining and Rehabilitation, Anti Corruption Commission, National Parliament, National Centre for Security and Crisis Management, General Directorate of Civil Defence, National Youth Council, Youth and Sports Fund, National Energy Research Centre, Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, Greater Amman Municipality, Governorate of Zarqa, Queen Zein Al Shara Institute for Development, Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development, Jordan Enterprise, and NetCorps- Jordan. In addition, we work with a number of private sector organizations, and academia and research institutions.

Focus of our Partnerships

Government of Jordan: to promote the development of policies and strategies, reform of laws, and to overcome barriers to their implementation.

Donors: to discuss and mobilize support in addressing the country"s development challenges

NGOs/CSOs: to broaden the participation women, men and youth in decision making and to ensure sustainability of projects at the grassroots level.

Private sector: to promote the development of commercially sustainable business models that generate employment, income and wealth.

Academia and research community: to link scientific research with key policy making processes.

Local communities: to support innovative approached to sustainable gender sensitive livelihood strategies that has acceptance by the communities themselves.

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