Our Goals

Building on the accumulative experience of the CO for more than 40 years of experience in Jordan, providing financial & technical assistance since 1976 The UNDP Jordan Country Office is assisting the country to address development challenges in the following areas:

-       Reducing Poverty and Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
-       Promoting Democratic Governance
-       Protecting the Environment and Climate Change
-       Management and Preparedness for Potential Disasters

The Jordan Country Office programme focus is derived from the five outcomes laid out in the 2013-2017 UNDAF. These are:

(1)   Systemic reform:

Jordan has undertaken political and institutional reform at national and subnational levels in a participatory, transparent and accountable manner.

(2) Social Protection:

Jordan has institutionalized improved social protection and poverty alleviation mechanisms for vulnerable people at national and subnational levels.

(3) Social Services:

Jordan is providing equitable delivery of quality social services for all people.

(4) Young people:

Jordan has institutionalized necessary policies and mechanisms for the effective and inclusive participation of young people in social, cultural, economic and political life.

(5) Environment:

Government and national institutions have operationalized mechanisms to develop and implement strategies and plans targeting key cultural, environmental and disaster-risk-reduction issues (including transitioning to a green economy) at national and subnational levels.
To help achieve these five UNDAF outcomes, the country programme will focus on accelerating progress on MDGs 1, 7 and 8 within the context laid out above. Youth and women’s issues will be addressed in all Goals. While the three priorities areas will receive the greatest attention, support will also be provided to strengthening aid coordination and effectiveness and disaster risk reduction. The country programme focus responds to national priorities for political development and inclusion, investment development, employment support, vocational training, social welfare and infrastructure, as outlined in the national agenda.

The country programme will address issues at the national level. The programme will use a local development (LD) approach to address governance, socio-economic and the environment issues in an integrated manner, with a particular focus on women and young people. To promote effective local development, the programme will work on strengthening targeted local institutions’ capacities and systems (including in the areas of finance, planning, procurement, service delivery and monitoring). The programme will provide the tools and capacities to enable local institutions to carry out their functions effectively.

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