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Established in 1976; the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is one of the United Nations Agencies working in Jordan and is the main convener of sustainable development.

As part of the global development system; UNDP Jordan upholds a vision focusing on the achievements of Sustainable Human Development in Jordan, ending poverty and reducing inequalities. UNDP is at the heart of the UN’s work on sustainable development and a leader for the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals.

UNDP Jordan partners with government and people at all levels focusing on three main areas which are:

  • Sustainable Development Pathways
  • Inclusive and Effective Democratic Governance
  • Resilience-building

Area of work 1: Sustainable Development Pathways

In this area, UNDP focuses on improving the resource endowments of the poor and boost their prospects for employment and livelihoods. Two projects in specific “Mitigating the Impact of the Syrian Refugee crisis on Jordanian Vulnerable Host Communities” and the “Youth Employment Generation Programme in Arab Transition Countries – Jordan Component Phase II”. Both projects contribute to job creation, building youth capacities through vocational training programmes, and building entrepreneurship skills while encouraging and supporting the establishment of microbusinesses.

Municipal Services:

Through “Mitigating the Impact of the Syrian Refugees on Jordanian Vulnerable Host Communities” project, UNDP is supporting to provide adequate services through both technical and financial assistance.

Protecting the Environment and Climate Change:

To effectively manage environmental challenges; UNDP extends support to the government of Jordan by providing innovative policy advice and sharing best practices. UNDP remains focused on the following environmental issues: Energy Efficiency, Biodiversity Conservation in Tourism sector, Marine Coastal Biodiversity Conservation, Electronic E-Waste Management, Migratory Soaring Birds and Climate Change.

Area of Work 2: Inclusive and Effective Democratic Governance

Electoral Assistance in Jordan:

UNDP has been leading efforts to strengthen national capacities especially in issues related to good governance. UNDP technical and advisory assistance to the Independent Election Commission (IEC) helped in the restructuring of the commission with regards to the functions, internal communication system, and recruitment processes.

Management and Preparedness for Potential Natural Disasters:

Natural hazard risk is a priority for UNDP work in Jordan. Through the “Enhancing Institutional Capacities to Reduce Disaster Risk and to Integrate Climate Change (DRR)” project, UNDP strengthens the institutional and organizational capacity of the Petra Development Tourism Region Authority (PDTRA), the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), and the Jordanian Civil Defense (JCD).   This support enables these entities to deal with different types of disaster risk reduction and climate hazards as well as to set up Early Warnings Systems in high risk areas.

Area of Work 3: Resilience- Building

The Jordan Response Plan (JRP) (2016-2018), which is already integrated through the national development plan, adopted by UNDP offers response and mitigation of the effects of the Syria Crisis on Jordanian host communities. The Plan consolidates all major national and international efforts to respond to the Syria crisis through a unified comprehensive coordination mechanism.



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