Implementation of phase 1 of a comprehensive Poly Chlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) management system in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Clearing Jordan from PCBs – training on proper handling of PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyl) equipment, sampling and testing by using Dexsil L2000 analyzers in Jordan

Carry out Technical Training Workshop.

(In reference to Component 2 of improving PCB inventory and technical capacity for Environmentally Sound Management (ESM) of PCBs equipment & materials).

As part of a Environmentally Sound Management of PCBs equipment and materials, a technical training workshop was carried out during the period from 16 to 20 September supervised by International Consultant and the PCBs project team.  The workshop consists of theoretical, practical and site visit addressed controlling PCB equipment and PCB contaminated materials. Participants from all project stakeholders specialized in Electrical Plants and heavy industries that were provided with the necessary training on best practices and techniques for knowledge on the PCB inventory through stimulating expanded sampling and testing of equipment.

At early stages of the project, site visits were carried out by project team to stakeholders; introduce designated technical teams with direct application on proper handling of PCB equipment, sampling and testing using Clor-N-Oil and to stop disposing the out of order transformers. A technical training on testing (analyzing) PCB contaminated transformers oil step by step conducted for 56 participants supervised by International Technical Consultant (ITC) and Project Team. After that all participants practice using Dexsil L2000 analyzer. The project will provide designated stakeholders with 6 pieces of Dexsil L2000 analyzers which will cover all governorates of Jordan. The project has so far succeeded in providing national capacity to manage PCBs through transfer of technical knowledge during this specialized training.

The project provided valuable training for participants from Project Advisory Committee (PAC), Technical Teams, and Royal Management for Environment Protection.  Site visit to: NEPCo Electrical Training Center at Zarqa, Thermal Power Plant where presentation on capacitors was carried out, and visited interim storage site for JEPCo at Zarqa.  Visit includes general observation, sampling procedure and data collection.  It is expected to start implementation of sampling, testing and data collection to survey project inventory using 6 units of portable sampling and testing equipment in the near future.

 Clearing Jordan from PCBs – female trainee on proper handling of PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyl) equipment, sampling and testing in Jordan Arabdev

Project team consider contribution to gender mainstreaming, since the project has specific stakeholder entity such Electrical power plants in Jordan where most of involved persons are male, but the project ensure to promote gender in different activities, and provide knowledge share through awareness activity for both genders.

The main outcomes achieved up till this stage is developing PCBs detection, practice Environmentally Sound Management (ESM) of PCBs equipment and materials.  Many lectures on this regard were introduced during the technical training workshop.  To promote the ESM system applicability in practice, chemistry of PCBs, where it was used, what is wrong with it, disposal options, international procedure, objective of the project, how to identify PCB, testing, interim storage, management at owner site, corss contamination, maintence, situation of Jordan, solution, how to used Dexil L2000, legal context of PCBs management.  All these subject were introduce into 56 participants by presentation done by ITC, project team as well as stakeholders who conduct presentation on different topics: “Sampling procedures” presented by Eng. Tayseer Hashem (NEPCo), “Safe Handling of sampling” by Eng. Firas Hijazi (NEPCo) and “Competent distance from line networks” by Eng. Bilal Jaradat (IDECo).  Certificates were awarded to participants on this regard.

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