Environment and Climate Change


Jordan suffers from a severe water scarcity problem. According to the Water Strategy for the period of 2008-2022, the country is one of the four driest in the world. Despite the Government efforts in managing the limited water resources and its relentless search for alternative supply, the available water resources per capita are falling as a result of population growth. More

Our Goals

UNDP strengths national capacity to support sustainable, low-carbon, climate-resilient development biodiversity conservation, water scarcity with a focus on women. UNDP assists the country in its transition to a low carbon economy and adaption of clean energy expansion including its choices of energy efficiency and renewable energy. more

Saving the corals

A diver fixing and attaching corals in the Aqaba Marine Park

Our Stories

  • Team members from marine park transferring the collected coral from the new port area into the receipt sites within the marine park, June 6,2012

    Saving the corals

    The most significant feature of Jordan’s marine environment is the coral reef ecosystems. Reefs in Jordan are among the most threatened in the Red Sea becausemore

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Projects and Initiatives

Developing policy-relevant capacity for implementation of the global environmental conventions in Jordan

This Project is expected to contribute in bridging the gap between policy making and implementation capabilities in Jordan for the global environment conventions to which it is signatory namely the UNFCCC, UNCCD and the CBD by linking research to policy-making process more

Adaptation to climate change

The joint project aims at enhancing Jordan’s key government and civil society’s capacities to adapt to climate change threats to health, food security, productivity, and human security under the conditions of severe water scarcity. more