Crisis Prevention & Recovery


Jordan is located in a high-risk earthquake prone area due to its proximity to the Rift Valley separating the African and Asian plates. This makes Jordan vulnerable to flash floods and landslides in Amman, Aqaba, Petra and most other populated urban as well as rural areas. MORE

Our Goals

UNDP is the leading multilateral agency in the field of Disaster Risk Reduction in Jordan. UNDP works directly with national and international partners to prevent, mitigate, manage and recover from natural disasters in Jordan. more

Jordan is mine free since 2012

Female deminer in action by the Syrian borders. (PHOTO: Lindsey Leger).

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Reducing Disaster Risk and Integrating Climate Change

The project aims to improve governance and strengthen Jordanian institutional coping mechanisms to address disaster risk reduction (DRR) for natural hazards and climate change adaptation (CCA) as it relates to prevention, mitigation, and preparedness for flash flooding. more