UNDP and the UN System

UNDP is both the development partner in the UN system and the custodian of the Resident Coordinator system, as mandated by the UN General Assembly.  The UNDP Resident Representative also serves as the UN Resident Coordinator.

UNDP works jointly with the other UN agencies in Jordan to support the Government of Jordan to meet its national development goals, following the United Nations Development Assistance Framework that was recently adopted. The UN Country Team (UNCT) in Jordan consists of 14 resident and five non-resident UN agencies.

UNDP work in diverse development related areas provides for good positioning to support the work of other UN agencies and to better coordinate joint programming.

UNDP is part of four on-going UN joint programmes, in which UNDP is leading on three of them, (1) the food security programme which brings together agriculture, climate change, poverty alleviation and nutrition (2) climate change to sustain Jordan’s MDG achievements which integrates environment, agriculture, water supply resources, health, food security and poverty. (3) Support to poverty Analysis and Monitoring.

These JPs provided the opportunity for UN agencies to come together and agree visions, objectives, implementation, capacity development and monitoring approaches. UNDP was able to share its approaches and encourage other Agencies to adopt them, where appropriate. UNDP generally plays a coordinating and a leading role in unbundling how each agency carries out the function of capacity development and sought to agree common principles around capacity development in the JPs. Similarly, in developing the activities for a “Joint Budget”, some agencies participating in the JP have relied extensively on the experience of UNDP in recruiting companies, developing the TORs, evaluating the proposals, forming task forces, etc.

UN agencies in the country

  • ILO
  • IOM
  • UNDP
  • UN Women
  • WFP
  • WHO
  • FAO
The UN System in Jordan
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