Mitigating the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on Jordanian vulnerable host communities


Host Communities

Given the protracted nature of the Syrian crisis and taking into account its social, economic and fiscal burden on the country, the need of a comprehensive, coordinated and durable response becomes a priority.  In this context, UNDP elaborated a project document for responding to the challenges posed by the influx of the Syrian refugees and the pressures they exert on the Jordanian host communities.

In March 2013, the UNDP Jordan has kicked off the project “Mitigating the Impact of Syrian Refugees Crisis on the Jordanian Vulnerable Host Communities”. The overall objective is to contribute to sustaining social and economic stability, with particular focus on the Northern governorates, namely Irbid and Mafraq, and enable Jordanians to continue to pursue their human development aspirations.

In addition, the project works to respond to urgent needs of Jordanian host communities in a timely and efficient manner. It aims at supporting these communities in order to increase their absorption capacity and mitigate any possible tensions between Syrian refugees and hosting communities. The adopted strategy is two-pronged:

  • Investing in rapid employment creation and support to basic social services that are geared towards sustaining stability;
  • Translating these quick wins into longer-term gains to contribute to sustainable employment creation, enhanced local capacity for service delivery and local economic development.

Expected Outputs

Output 1: Short-term employment opportunities created and economic recovery initiatives developed geared towards improvement of livelihoods and basic social services delivery.
Output 2: Enhanced local economic development through skills- matching, MSMEs growth and capacity development.
Output 3: Improved delivery of municipal and social services.
Output 4: Technical support to coordination of host community concerns.
Output 5: Develop State-society trust and social cohesion

What have we accomplished so far

  • Enhanced local economic development through skills-matching, MSMEs growth and capacity development
  • A Snapshot on Jordanian Labor Market: Syrian Refugees Impact and UNDP Response
  • Short-term employment creation through 3 X 6 approach
  • Local Labor Market skill Needs Assessment Survey
  • Vocational Training and Employment Services
  • Fostering Entrepreneurship and Support to Establish Microbusiness
  • Improved delivery of municipal and social services
  • A Snapshot on Municipal Services: Syrian Refugees Impact & UNDP Response
  • Municipal Needs Assessment Survey
  • Long term support planning on Solid Waste Management
  • The Global Giving Tuesday Initiative
  • Household Income and Expenditures Survey (HIES)
  • Technical Support to Coordination of Host Community Concerns
  • Jordan Response Plan Secretariat
  • Task Forces
  • Coordination of Needs Assessment Review (NAR) 2013
  • Coordination of National Response Plan (NRP)
  • NRP Project Development
  • Coordination of the Needs Assessment review (NAR) 2014
  • Coordination of the Jordan response plan 2015
  • Develop State-Society Trust and Social Cohesion 

Who Finances it?

Government of Japan USD 5,750,000
Swiss Development Cooperation USD 2,000,000
World Bank USD 150,000
Kuwait USD $500,000  

USD 1,156,040

Government of USA USD 261,000
UN Women USD 200,000
UNDP USD 1,750,000

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