Food and nutrition security in Jordan towards poverty alleviation


Towards enhancing food security and nutrition in Jordan as a main pillar for poverty alleviation, UNDP has led a Joint UN Program to provide credible, coherent assistance to the government at the national and local levels through supporting coordinated national food security response, increasing sustainable food production for small-holder farmers and improving nutrition interventions and safety nets.

What have we accomplished so far

  • Developing the Food Security and Nutrition Strategy,
  • A Food Security Unit was established at the Minis- try of Agriculture,
  • Various income-generating interventions were introduced like the distribution of goats, cows, rabbits, plantation of thyme and Damascus Rose,
  • 159 Families benefited from the food security project’s intervention.

Expected outputs

  • Provide credible, coherent assistance to the government based on a comprehensive framework for action on food security to achieve poverty alleviation.
  • Support the Government of Jordan in producing the food security and nutrition strategy.
  • Create a food security unit with support to enhance the capacity of its staff.
  • Support poor farmers with income-generating interventions.

Who finances it?

Total funded contributions: USD 1,278,775

  • UNDP : USD 900,000
  • WFP: USD 287,775
  • UNICEF: USD 91,000

Delivery in previous fiscal year

  • 2010: USD 48,889.34
  • 2011: USD 211, 433.55
  • 2012: USD 221,623.36

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